Radio stations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are pretty similar to those found back home – fairly obnoxious DJs, cash contests, dumb sound effects and lots of commercials. Many of the stations are strictly in Arabic, while several are in English and Arabic….meaning you could have a commercial in English, followed by a different commercial in Arabic. Still more are in a mix of languages representing the diverse population (Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu etc.).

Where they differ, however, is in the music they play. Most seem to play either Arabic or Bollywood-inspired music. We found 2 stations that play a mix of western music from the 60s to today, and 2 that are a mix of English and Arabic. This is fine until later in the evening, when it seems that all stations switch to club music. Those who know me know what a big fan of club music I am….the repetitive bass….all the songs sound the same…it’s great! /s

This remix of an old Italian song, in particular, is played all the time on several of the “popular music” stations. Personally, I hate it. However, it is got stuck in my head after hearing it every day. Not wanting to suffer alone, I want to pass along the joy to you…

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