Where ever your travels may take you today, Meg and I want to wish everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!! Give thanks for the loved ones you are able to spend time with today and have a piece of pumpkin pie for us! (I like mine with Cool-Whip.)

Unlike Halloween and Christmas, there really aren’t any signs of the holiday in Abu Dhabi – minus a few restaurants offering traditional dinners. Considering it’s an American-specific holiday, this doesn’t surprise us. It doesn’t stop us however, from being thankful for the opportunity to be here, each other and all of you, who we will see again before you know it!

This definitely tops, however, Meg’s only other Thanksgiving out of the country, which involved going to class and swim practice…and not getting a turkey dinner. We’ll be celebrating traditionally on Saturday with American colleagues in Dubai, while all of you are recovering from Black Friday shopping!

meg & b

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