Room with a View


Today we finally settled on our apartment – hooray!! But it wasn’t all peaches and cream – to say this morning was stressful would be an understatement. Our schedule was jammed packed and there was no room for error. After meeting with our agent, we arrived at the landlord’s office around 8:30am. We needed to sign the contract so Megan could get to a client meeting across town at 10am and I could get back to the new place to let Ikea in for an 11:30am delivery.

In a shocking turn of events (/s), the landlord acted like this was the first they heard of us needing to move in today. They told us tomorrow would work. Unfortunately, the next date Ikea had available for delivery was in 2 weeks….that meant we’d be without a bed for 2 weeks. My back refused to hear that possibility. So after some pleading by our agent and 2 hours of drawing up a contract (wtf – how does it take this long to draw up a boilerplate contract?!), we were off to the apartment. No keys in hand but at least hope that the guys on site could turn them over. (Karma was on our side because Meg’s 10am appointment got canceled fairly last minute.)

The guys on site were great – extremely helpful, which was such a relief. The apartment hadn’t had its final cleaning, so the manager called in a crew of about 10 guys who swarmed the place with mops, brushes and soap. 30 minutes later it was spotless….just in time for Ikea. And can I tell you how glad I was that they put together the furniture and not me?!?! More pictures to come (as we get it furnished)


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