Starting to Look Like a Home


So after a few deliveries and a quick run to Carrefour (European chain that is like Walmart only better food selection and higher prices), our new apartment is slowly starting to look like a home. There is still a ton more we need, but it’s coming along. Besides the huge windows and views, the best part is all the space we have – significantly bigger than our first place.

The building itself just opened to tenants this past Sunday and they are only letting 5-10 people move in each day to prevent chaos. As a result, it’s eerily quiet. Crews are still doing touch-ups to hallways, landscaping and empty rooms, and loads of security guards are scattered about to greet any car that tries to get close to the building. We have to roll down the cab window to tell them we live here. But fortunately, Megan and I have started to meet all the guards, so we are now greeted with smiles rather than suspicious looks.

And we’ve already met some neighbors too! As I was moving in stuff on Sunday, our neighbor introduced herself. Her and her husband are originally from Thailand, but have been living in Toronto most of their lives. They have a 4 year old son named Ryan, who was having a blast running up and down the empty halls, ringing door bells. Then when I was in the landlord’s office yesterday picking up some final paperwork, I met a British woman who is moving onto our floor this weekend. She seemed really nice so we are hoping this is a start to perhaps making a couple friends…

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