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So, day 328 in the quest to get internet in the apartment, and no luck. We’ve aggressively followed up in every means possible – phone, email, web chat, in person. Please pray that we get connected soon!

In the meantime, a little update from Halloween. To drown Brian’s sorrows, we went to a fabulous dinner at 18oz, the steakhouse at the One-to-One Hotel, only minutes from our apartment. At the bar Cubes around the corner was a highly advertised Halloween party – the only solid one we could find actually on Halloween. It was…ummmm…interesting. The bartender’s interpretations of a costume were fake handlebar mustaches, black paper top hats (like you see at New Years) with “RIP” spray painted on, and a black long cape/poncho with more silver spray paint. The crowd didn’t disappoint with everything from a carpenter to a Japanese fighter. Though, the women were predominantly devils.

The highlight was the attempt they made on the decorations – scattering the floors with dead leaves, wrapping tables in torn up sheets and getting as many signs and banners as one could find in a party store. If only the music wasn’t horrible, we might have stayed a bit longer…

Remember – be sure and email pictures so we can live vicariously!

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