Well, we still don’t have internet access at home but we are close! The installers came on Wednesday to hook us up. About midway through the install, they realized the building number had been entered into their system incorrectly. So while all the technology and infrastructure are in place to give us access, a ridiculous typo has successfully delayed the process. Please don’t get me started! In any event, we hopefully will be live early this week. Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow is Halloween – the best holiday ever! And while my absence will prevent tons of kids in western Maryland from having nightmares, I am really, really going to miss it. Meg and I have plans to attend a Halloween party tomorrow night at a hotel/restaurant, but my hopes are not high. It won’t be the same but I’ll keep an open mind.

To help fill my Halloween void, I’m asking everyone to send me their best pictures this year. Parties, costumes, decorations, trick-or-treating – any pictures will be appreciated!

To distract from the lack of trick or treating, we spent the weekend on Yas Island, not far from our first apartment and only a $15 cab fare from our apartment. We enjoyed the pool, internet and Oktoberfest (yep, that’s #3 for the month) with all-you-can eat German food. All in all, a fantastic break…

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