Turkey Day – Middle East Style!

Thanksgiving – what a great American holiday! A day dedicated to mountains of delicious, home-cooked food, football games and most importantly, family and friends. A day of thanks.

This year, Megan and I found ourselves over 7,000 miles away from family, the NFL and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. However, this didn’t stop us from enjoying some of the great traditions!

On Thursday, we took a drive to Dubai to partake in a Thanksgiving buffet held at The Market Place restaurant in a Marriott hotel. Traditional Thanksgiving eats were only a small part of the buffet, but that was okay. We enjoyed turkey, stuffing, potatoes and even pumpkin pie. On a normal day, I would consider the food decent, but just having turkey on Thanksgiving was priceless and made it taste even better! And what a fun experience!

But that was only meal #1. On Saturday, we gathered with a few of Megan’s American colleagues and their spouses for a traditional meal. The food was phenomenal! Kate, Megan’s colleague, cooked a beautiful Butterball turkey, while Annie (another colleague’s wife) made some delicious homemade pumpkin pie – complete with Cool Whip! (Much to everyone’s delight, you can find it in the Middle East!) The best part however, was making some new friends! Everyone shared Thanksgiving stories and experiences of being in the U.A.E. so Megan and I truly felt like we weren’t alone out here.

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