Halloween – Part Boo

Following up on Megan’s recap of our Halloween outing, I wanted to post some pictures and share my reactions to Halloween in the desert.

Except for the horrible, horrible club music, it was entertaining – if for no other reason to see a middle eastern interpretation of my favorite holiday. Apparently someone told them that “R.I.P.” is a Halloween word because because they had it written on everything!! Table clothes, hats, pumpkins…. Our favorite was the bartenders’ costumes – black trash bags as vests, some fake mustaches and a New Year’s Eve party hat with “RIP” handwritten on the front. Someone made a trip to the only party store in the city because they had a few wall hangings, pumpkin lights and that cheesy spider web that you stretch out over everything. The dried leaves all over the floor? I think that was a custom decoration! LOL But they tried and we certainly appreciated that!

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